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Freshness coffee beans sales

(Within 7 days of roasting)
Inside within Sano Chamber of Commerce and Industry







Each 100g~  On sale
Now 300 JPY per 100 g

Service price will finished on March 31

=== Sell it at our Akasaka Head Office too ===

Akasaka Head Office will roast your favorite beans on the spot

※ It takes about 20 minutes for roasting

Premium Coffee Roaster by TECHNOWORLD INC.

Coffee Roaster 


Coffee from the more upstream process

Coffee was just for "drink".

Knowing the taste of freshly drip.

Knowing the rich flavor of freshly ground beans.

And the next Commitment is


Just roasted, dark, strong and hot coffee.

What sort of excitement will bring me.

Roasting is the first stage for enjoying coffee as a drink.
In this process, a cup of coffee with a strong fragrant and unique flavor will be determined

A machine can realize that process required experienced roasting technician with  many years of experience




Rubina® is powered by the following technologies to improve roasting performance and useability.

​◆ Standard feature
 ● Equipped with a ultimate premium roast recipe called "JUKUSEI-BAISEN" that

    makes use of the characteristics of Rubina.


 ● Basic recipe can be arranged by

    owner's preference.

 ● Blow nozzle for efficient roasting.

 ● A roasting room made of

    heat-resistant glass which can always

    see the state of roasting.

 ● Since the entrance of green beans is

    140 cm high it can be used easily.

 ● Smart operation with tablet terminal.

​​​ ● Spotlight that makes roasting appear more beautiful.

 ● Since it is the heat air blow technology ・・・

      ✓ Chaff is not mixed and left crisp taste.

      ✓ Uniform roasting.

      ✓ Chaff is not burning and there is little smoke emission in case.


Special feature


 ● External color, you can choose your favorite color and design.

   * You can also select metallic paint.

 ● Represent each side with your favorite design.
 ● Eye-catching illumination LED.


CALL NOW | TEL: 0283-23-0394

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